Tax Refunds needed an automated system that interfaces with the IRD database and manages/processes tax refunds.

ASP.NET is our go-to language for new custom Internet applications that will live inside the Microsoft ecosystem.

It is flexible and mature, and plays nicely with Visual Basic.NET and C#. Add to this the advantages of a solid development environment and a large community, and you’ll find that bespoke ASP.NET custom development can be surprisingly affordable.

When upgrading from Classic ASP, ASP.NET is our language of choice too, because it will usually mean we can keep the Microsoft SQL database that was used in the Classic ASP application, saving time on rewriting the database and not having to migrate data.

Custom Solutions

ACC overpayment system

ACC overpayment system

Acquiring and managing client data to calculate ACC refunds, required an intuitive scalable system.

Get business tax refunds

Get business tax refunds

When you’re talking volumes of customers you need an efficient system to process them.

Get tax refunds from the IRD

Get tax refunds from the IRD

Automated system that interfaces with IRD system and manages/processes tax refunds. Try doing this with pen and paper.

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